Jason The Fox - Vore Story

There is a fox. His name are Jason Table. He is just a normal fox, but he is tired of hunting to survive. "I is want to be able to get whatever i is wants." He says to himself. Months pass. He are hunting a rabbit. "Please don't kill me, you're too strong." Says the rabbit. "If is don't kill me, will get to learn the secret of life time." "Oh, yeah? What is it?" Says Jason. "I has a device that is can shrink people." Says the rabbit. "What the hell would i need that for?" Asks Jason. "I don't know." Says the rabbit. Jason is about to kill the rabbit, but then he pauses. "Wait a second, if is can make people smaller could make hunting a lot easier. The prey would be slower, and die with one bite." Jason thinks to himself. "You know what? If you give me the shrinking device, then i will let you go." Says Jason. The rabbit leads Jason to his house. At his house he is gets the device. The rabbit are give the shrink ray to Jason. Jason be like "Thanks you. I is let u go now." and let's da rabbit go. Jason is walk out of the rabbit's house. Jason are eager to test out his shrink ray. He is goes to somewhere else. He finds another rabbit in the distance and is shoots it with his shrink gun. He walk up to the tiny rabbit. The rabbit tries to get away but are too slow. Jason picks up the rabbit. The rabbit starts screaming. His scream gets muffled as Jason puts the tiny rabbit in his mouth, and with a crunch, the screaming stopped. Jason is continues to chew up the rabbit. While the taste of blood is nothing new, he is enjoyed the way it kind of popped out of the rabbit's body when he started chewing. He then proceeds to swallow the chewed up rabbit. "Something about that is felt better then normal hunting." Says Jason. "I gotta show my friend this." Thinks Jason. Jason finds and shrinks another rabbit, then is takes it to his friend's house. "Hey what's up?" Says Jason. "Not much" says Jason's friend who is also a fox. His name is Adam. "I wanna show you something really cool!" Says Jason. "What is it?" Asks Adam. "I is got a shrink ray. So I've been shrinking some rabbits. Here is one." Says Jason. Jason is opens his paw revealing a tiny rabbit while holding its leg to prevent it from jumping away. "This one's no longer screaming because it is got exhausted on the way here. Anyway, i ate one earlier and it felt more satisfying chewing up such a tiny helpless creature rather than a full size one." "Hey. Have you tried swallowing one alive?" Asks Adam. "No i haven't thought about doing that. That's a great idea!" Says Jason. "Ooh! Can i try it? I am kinda hungry." Asks Adam. "Sure! Here you go." Says Jason as he gives the rabbit to Adam. The still exhausted rabbit remains silent, shivering with fear as Adam put him in his mouth. Adam then proceeds to cover the rabbit with saliva. Then with an audible "gulp", Adam swallows the rabbit. "So how was it?" Asks Jason. "Dude, that was amazing! I could feel him kicking in my mouth and on the way down. I can see why you say it's satisfying." Answers Adam. "Can i listen to him in your stomach?" Asks Jason. "Yeah sure." Says Adam. Adam lies down on the floor with his belly exposed. Jason lies down and rests his ear on Adam's soft stomach while facing towards Adam's head. "Do you hear anything?" Asks Adam. "No." Answers Jason. "Don't worry. You'll hear something as soon as i start digesting him. The pain of my stomach acid will make him scream in agony. It should be any second now." Says Adam with a smirk on his face. "I hear something." Says Jason. "He's saying something. I'm gonna repeat what he says. He saying 'I was just eaten by a giant fox! How did that happen? Why didn't he chew me up? What's going to happen to me? I can't see anything and it's all wet and smelly in here. OW! Why is my skin burning? What is this stuff?' Here it comes." The rabbit starts jumping around in Adam's stomach trying to get out of the acid, but is only making it worse by splashing it all over his fur. "I feel him moving around inside me. It feels so good." Says Adam. While jumping around, the rabbit gets some stomach acid in his eyes and starts screaming. "Now he's screaming." Says Jason. "Now we can hear how long it takes to kill him." Says Adam. "Hey, Jason, do you think that i could swallow a mouse alive without shrinking it?" Asks Adam. "You could swallow a small mouse, but a normal one might go down if you use your saliva or semen as like a lubricant. Also the rabbit stopped screaming." Says Jason. "Awesome. I digested the rabbit." Says Adam. "Also speaking of semen, i came earlier when the rabbit started screaming." "I thought i felt something touch my back." Says Jason. "Oops! Did i squirt you with cum?" Asks Adam. "Yeah. It's ok i'll just clean it off when i get home, and because i'm a fox, that means licking it up." Says Jason as they both stand up. Adam giggles. "Well i'm going home. I really enjoyed listening to you digest the rabbit. I am also gonna enjoy licking the cum off of my back." Says Jason. "No problem i is would be happy to do it again sometime. Bye." Says Adam. Jason takes his shrink ray and goes home. Then he cleans himself up. Jason are hungry again. "All i've eaten today was that tiny rabbit i chewed up. I should go find more. Maybe i can try that thing Adam said with a mouse." Jason thinks to himself. He goes out to look for a mouse. He does that thing that foxes do where they listen for tiny noises from mouses. Jason does that here, and catches one. It are a slightly smaller than normal mouse. Jason puts the mouse in his mouth without shrinking it. Then he starts wiggling his tongue around making the mouse really wet. The mouse is squeaking a lot and moving around. Normally he would have started chewing, but instead he skips that step and tries to swallow the mouse. It takes a few gulps, but Jason does successfully get the mouse down. Then he like goes and like shrinks and eats other prey. Then he get tired. He goes home and lies on the ground in a curled up position with his head near his stomach so he can hear the screams of all the prey he has eaten. Then he goes to sleep. The next day it is morning and is hungry again, but first he has to take a shit. "I gotta take a shit. Now is the perfect time to see what's left of the animals i ate yesterday. I wonder if i digested their bones. Let's find out." Thinks Jason. He goes somewhere outside and does it. He notices that there is no bones. Then he is like "LOL XD!!!!1 I can. That is really KEWL XD!" Then he think this. "HMMM. I wonder if i can eat other predators. Let's go look for some." Now Jason is walking out of is house and going somewhere. Jason finds some random fox and shrink eats him. "That will hold me over till i find something better." He says. Then Jason wanders far away and goes to a different place somewhere else. He comes to like this huge field surrounded by mountains and has trees. Jason notices a lot of sheep in here. "I'll save then for later. Let's see if i can find some predators." He thinks. Jason wanders around for a bit. Then he sees a group of like 5 colourful wolves. Jason goes up to them being all like friendly and shit. Then he's like "Hello?" They all stare back. One neon coloured wolf steps out of the crowd and is like "Welcome to my land. You must do exactly as i say." Then Jason is like "Who are you?" the wolf then responds with "My name is Fear. I am the leader of this land. I have this name because you must fear me and do what i tell you to and never have a different opinion from me." Then Jason be like "Bitch, i ain't afraid of you!" That makes Fear triggered so she says "How dare you! I'll have you know that i am a moderator on 12 different Discord servers, 5 different Roblox places, and DevianTart!" Then Jason says "Oh so that's why those websites are so fucking horrible. That literally explains everything." Then Fear starts bitching "OMG tHAT'S it everYbodY gEt him oUT of heRE!!!" So then the other wolves start slowly approaching Jason while growling. Jason is not having any of this shit! He takes out his shrink ray and shoots all the wolves with it. Now they're tiny and they realize that they're tiny and are like "What the fuck just happened?" Then Jason picks all of them up. Jason has Fear in one paw, and the other 4 wolves in his other paw. He puts the paw with Fear up near his face and says to the now ironically frightened wolf "Looks like from now on they should call you 'scared' because you're scared of me." Then Jason says "Now normally i would eat you, but i have something special planned for you. And all you other guys can watch." Jason then goes over to a tree. Then lies with his lower back on the ground and his upper back against the tree with his tail laying straight away from his body. He is basically sitting like a person rather than a fox. He puts the other 4 wolves in his mouth with their heads sticking out so he has two hands free and so they can still watch what he is about to do. "Don't worry i'm not going to eat you guys... yet. First i want you to see what i do with your leader." Says Jason. Then one of the wolves says "But i thought you were going to eat her." Then Jason says "Well, i kinda am going to eat her, just not with my mouth." Then Fear says "OMG! You're not implying what i think you are. Are you going to put me in your- *gags* i don't even want to say it." Then Jason says "You mean in here." As he puts his paw with Fear right above his tail, and faces Fear towards his crotch. Fear notices his giant anus. Just to clarify, his asshole is not big. It's a normal sized asshole. It is just huge from Fear's perspective because she's tiny. Fear starts retching at the sight and smell of his anus. Jason moves Fear and she throws up in the grass. Then Jason moves Fear back to his face and says "Now i can't put you in there just yet. First i need to lube you up. I think I'll do what i suggested to my friend." Then Fear says "Wait, you actually have a friend?" Then Jason replies with "Yes, and he likes the same things i like. Maybe later i'll let him finish you off. Anyway, this is why i needed both of my paws." Jason takes his free paw and begins to jerk off. He holds Fear close to the tip of his dick for when he comes. Fear's friends are so disgusted right now. One of them says "What the actuall fuck!? You are so fucking disgusting!" The Jason says "You should be jealous of Fear. She gets the less painful treatment. When i eat you 4, it's going to be a slow painful death in my stomach acid." That thought helps Jason's erection, and Jason comes all over Fear. Then he smears it all over Fear's fur, giving Fear an even coat of cum. Some of it gets in Fear's mouth and she tries to spit it out. Then Jason says with a smirk "So, how does it taste?" Fear coughs then says "You are so disgusting, you fetish freak!" Then Jason says "You know what? I just thought of a fun activity for me to do to you when i get home and shit you out. Fun for me, but painful for you. Anyway, that's for later. Time to shove you up my ass." Jason slowly moves his paw with fear back down to his crotch. Fear shakes desperately trying to get the semen off of her so that it won't work as a lube. She does shake some off, but she still has a thin layer that she can't shake off easily so that doesn't work. Jason holds Fear near his anus and grips her at the tip of his paw. She stops the tough act and just starts begging for him to stop, but Jason carries on. He slowly moves her towards his anus. As soon as fear touches Jason's pucker, she stretches her arms out trying to grip the rim of his asshole and push back, but she is too tiny. She just ends up pushing his anus open. Once her head is inside she gives up on trying to escape and puts her arms down. With more pushing from Jason, Fear finds herself completely immersed in Jason's rectum. Jason slowly moves his paw back out. Fear gets her last glimpse of light as Jason's anus closes behind her. Outside Jason uses his smelly, cum covered paw to grab the four wolves from his mouth. "So, did you enjoy what you just saw?" Asks Jason. One of the wolves says "I don't think I'm going to unsee what i just saw." then another says "I think i need to pour acid on my eyes." Then Jason says "Don't worry. You'll get the opportunity to do that." Then the wolf says "Dude, it was just a figure of speech. I don't want any acid on me." Then Jason responds with "Well, you really don't have a choice. I was going to eat you anyway. Oh, well." Jason drops all 4 wolves in his mouth at once. Then he tilts his head back. And with a big gulp, he swallows all of them together. Jason gets up. He feels fear trying to crawl out of his anus. He contracts his anus which pushes fear back in a little. Then Jason jumps and puts his back legs up against the tree and keeps his front legs on the ground. Then with his bum in the air, he starts shaking it. That makes Fear slide deeper into his rectum. Also the shaking makes Fear disoriented, thus making it harder for her to remember which way to go. Jason gets back on the ground and starts walking home. Meanwhile, in Jason's stomach, the wolves who are scared for their life all start panicking everyone finds each other and cuddles up together. They all calm down for a second. "Wait! I don't feel any acid." Says one of them. "Oh. Maybe he lied." Says another wolf. "Well, there is some strange liquid touching us. Uh oh, now it's starting to burn. I think he was right!" Says a third wolf. Then they all start screaming again as the acid begins to burn their flesh. In Jason's rectum, Fear is in a rather shitty situation literally. Fear is deep enough in Jason's rectum that she is partially covered in shit. She tries and succeeds to get out of the shit, but she's still stuck deep in his rectum. Fear has nothing else to do. So she just kinda sits there shivering out of fear as to what's going to happen to her next. A few minutes later, Jason is still walking home. In his stomach, the wolves notice that it's taking longer to kill them then they expected. "I am in so much pain right now. I thought i would be dead by now." Says one of the wolves. Jason arrives back at Adam's house. "Hey, Jason!" Says Adam. "Eat any tasty prey lately?" "Oh yeah. I've got so much to show you. The first one is a surprise! I'll show you it right now." Says Jason. Jason puts his front legs up on a wall, and kinda stands up. Then he starts shaking his ass. This time he makes Fear fall back down to his anus, but she does not fall out. Jason gets back on the floor. Then he gets in the position to take a shit. He starts pushing. Fear gets a little excited. She thinks "HMMM. He's letting me out. Maybe i can make a run for it." Fear then tries to help Jason shit her out by pushing his anus open, and jumping out. Jason quickly grabs the tiny wolf before she can run away. Fear's previously bright neon fur is now tinted brown. Jason shows Adam the Wolf. Then Adam says "Wait, you actually put someone in your ass? That is amazing! Why didn't i think of that?" Then Jason says "That's not all. Do you want to see some partially digested prey who may or may not be alive?" Adam yells "OMG! Yes!" Then Jason asks Fear "Do you want to see what's left of your friends?" Then Fear says "*sniff* but i thought you ate them." Then Jason says "Well let me show you." Jason then begins to make gagging and retching sounds. Then he pukes out a bunch of acid as well as Fear's friends, who have been reduced to furr-les, bloody, fleshy, abominations that still kinda resemble wolves. Jason and Adam notice some movement from the bodies. "I think they're still alive." Says adam. Jason tells Fear "Here go see if your friends are ok, and if you try to run, i can easily grab you." Jason sets Fear in the puke puddle, and Fear goes to check on his friends. "Are you guys ok? Can you hear me?" Asks Fear in a worried tone. Fear gets no response as the acid has made them blind, deaf, and numb. So they're like barely even breathing. "There as good as dead" Says Adam. Fear begins to cry. Then Jason says "Hey Adam, do you want to finish digesting them for me?" Adam says "Sure." Jason grabs the 4 wolf bodies. Adam opens his mouth, and Jason drops them in. "Don't swallow just yet. I have an idea. I'll be right back." Says Jason. He goes and gets a thin rope. Jason goes back to Adam. Then says "Ok. Here is my idea. I'll tie this rope around Fear's torso. Then you swallow her at the same time as her friends. I can attach a flashlight to the string so she can see inside you. She will get to see her friends being digested in your stomach." Then Adam asks "What if i start digesting Fear?" Jason responds with "When i hear her start screaming. Leave her in there for a minute so she can suffer. Then pull her out so you don't kill her. Then i will do the same." Adam agrees to do his plan. Jason grabs Fear, ties the rope around her, attaches a tiny waterproof light to the rope, and gives it to Adam. Adam puts Fear in his mouth with the other dead wolves. While holding on to the other end of the rope, Adam swallows them all with one gulp. He lets the string go down as Fear gets pushed down by his esophagus. Fear enters Adam's stomach. Adam can tell because the string stopped going down. Jason is listening to Fear though Adam's belly. In Adam's stomach, Fear starts saying things. She says "So this is his stomach. It so gross! Just like him. EW! Is this yellowish green stuff his stomach acid? Maybe i can avoid it." Fear tries to climb up the side of Adam's stomach, but just keeps sliding back into the acid. She then tries to climb up the rope, but she just make more rope come down. Adam notices and says "Jason, i think she's going deeper, she pulled down more string. LOL" Then Jason says "No, i think she's trying to climb up the rope. Also she said that your stomach is 'gross just like you'." Then Adam responds with "Well, then she can burn in my stomach acid for an extra minute." "Sounds great!" Says Jason. Then fear says "Oh no, i can't seem to stay out of his stomach acid, and now it's starting to burn." Then she starts screaming. Jason tells Adam, and they both wait 2 minutes. Then Adam slowly starts to pull Fear out. As Fear goes back up his esophagus, she feels relieved that the acid stopped burning as it got washed away by the mucus in Adam's esophagus. Jason watches as Fear comes out of Adam's throat. As soon as Fear leaves his mouth, Adam hands the string to Jason. "So, how was it?" Jason asks Fear. Then Fear says "What the fuck is wrong with you? What did i ever do to you?" Then Jason says "Are you fucking stupid? You know what you did. You think you can disrespect people just because you have power in a few small groups. Just for that stupid question, i think i will kill you now." Jason takes off the rope. Then he puts Fear in his mouth. "NO! STOP! PLEASE DON'T EAT ME!!!" Screams Fear. Jason ignores her, and swallows. She starts screaming on the way down. "Quick, Adam, get the camera!" Says Jason. Adam goes and gets his waterproof camera. Jason shrinks the camera, ties it to the rope, turns on the light, hooks it up wirelessly to the TV, and swallows it. Jason and Adam both look at the TV as the camera goes down Jason's esophagus. As soon as the camera enters his stomach, he holds onto the rope, keeping the camera in place. On the TV, they record Fear screaming, dying, and being turned into bones. Jason puts it on YouTube, and it gets lots of views. The video get's lots of dislikes and hate comments from the dumb mouth breathers that supported Fear. Jason and Adam both have a laugh at the comments. The end.